I have created a blog in 2021 for some reason

I decided to deactivate my various social media accounts. They make me deeply unhappy! I may start posting tweets as individual blog posts here instead of tweeting them. Either that or I’ll write the tweets down in glass bottles and hurl them into the sea, weeping. Maybe I’ll just whisper my tweets to myself in a crowded place.

It feels powerful having a place to post content where it is impossible to like or comment. Wild how that used to be the entire internet and now I feel like I’m doing something illegal. What if someone reads one of these posts and wants to dunk on me? They’d have to create their own blog and link to mine. I’d never know because they can’t tag me. They would have to start their own blog, link to my post, yell at me, and then email me a link to their post so I know they’re mad. I might not even get the email right away. I’d go through my whole day not knowing someone was mad. What a rush!

I like the idea of updating this every day and then smugly mentioning “my blog” offhandedly to someone. They look it up and it’s endless pages of complete nonsense like The Shining. I am immediately institutionalized.

I suppose that’s as good a start as any.