Writing Portfolio

Skeleton Roommate

TV Pilot, Animated Comedy

Three friends can’t believe how cheap the rent at their new place is, but there’s a catch. The wizard landlord has cursed an immortal skeleton to live in the apartment forever.

Pilot, Series Overview

Gun & Sword

Movie, Comedy/Science Fiction

In a second stone age following an apocalyptic event, two loser beta males are banished from their tribe. When they discover intact weapons from Earth’s past, they seize the chance to become the most powerful men on earth.


Batman: Little Saint Wayne

Movie, Comedy/Action/Drama

When Bruce Wayne is blackmailed by Jeffrey Epstein, he must confront his sins and fight his way through a secret society to destroy the evidence.


Old Toothcap

Adult Swim Series, Comedy

In a world where male nurses are an oppressed underclass, Old Toothcap was a beloved talk show host who is now senile and banished to obscurity. When his live-in male nurses discover his former celebrity, they force him to host a sinister web stream for their own benefit.

Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6

Dead Pixels

TV Pilot, Comedy

A nerdy loser navigates his shaky love life, feeding off of the questionable advice from his colleagues. When the girl he is courting winds up dead in a freak accident, he discovers that she had lied to her family about the extent of their relationship, and goes along with it in hopes of getting closer to her sister.


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Sketches and Short Film